Exactly how Renault secured the title of manufacturer for the world’s safest cars

Once you discover in the least bit about the vehicle industry you’ll know that Renault is really a long standing innovator in the marketplace pertaining to motor vehicle safety expectations. The manufacturer’s reputation for producing among the safest vehicles available is actually something that they’re really pleased with, and so they also can and do put a hell of a lot of tools into trying to keep that reputation.

But wait, how did they begin to build such a perfect reputable name themselves? Well I’m positive you realize it takes a fair amount of time to be able to build a status of this magnitude. Renault are now in an extremely privileged PR position presently due to the fact they’ve worked really hard to get there. The organization has made a solid dedication to designing a bigger level of vehicular safety within their passenger vehicles over this past decade.

This final result is still such a solid objective for Renault, that for the first time in the history of the car, for this or any other vehicle designer, the up to now mysterious and highly coveted 5 star EuroNCAP finally gets granted to one of their vehicles. It was eventually revealed throughout all of the popular automobile magazines that a group of safety testers were so overwhelmingly and favourably shocked with Renault that they had chosen to awarded the historic, first-time to any motor vehicle developer, 5 star safety score. Understandably Renault seemed to be over the moon by the result to the level that they heralded this like a substantial historical achievement in car design and manufacture. Renault place a lot of added time and effort into making the automotive world aware of this significant first and making sure people knew they were the proud parents of of the world’s safest vehicle.

<img alt="renault megane” border=”1″ src=”http://images.newcarnet.co.uk/globalimagefeed/240_web/re_Espace_03_p.jpg&#8221; align=”centre”>

Company directors and top brass had been going in the direction of realising the Five star trophy for numerous decades – close to the past decade to be exact. Safety is without a doubt at the forefront of their designing standards on every brand-new car models, and the accomplishment of this much sought after safety rating is really a testimony to the years of work and determination that was put in by the majority of the staff at Renault.

As an added bonus, at about the very same period in time that the Laguna was aiding renault to secure their possition in the history records, renault also had a 2nd monumental success story on their hands also known as the renault megane 3 coupe.

Because at about the same time the Laguna was getting awards of its own by succeeding at the 5 star EuroNCAP status, the auto world was frantically talking over the success of the Renault Megane, which a lot of motoring critics had suggested was simply better than the opposition in its grouping in the safety area. The Renault Megane was placed way out in front of its main rival with regards to safety, that main challenger being the Peugot 307, the fresh crowned European Car of the Year.

This then, has been a essential moment for Renault in their own mission to grow to be recognized as the peoples foremost safe car designer. As this moment , with all its praise, it would seem the Renault good name for building the world’s safest cars is entrenched solidly.


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